Every Day

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Been on this planet for over five decades
I am amazed that each day brings something new
My mother trained me well
Not by discipline
By example
A day like today
Would be spent dreaming of walks and gardening
Breathing in the fresh air
The first signs of Spring
Forever grateful
Forever honoring you


Spring Overload

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The ground is still in thaw
So it seems my brain and body
The warm of the sun
brings robins and frolicking squirrels
Moose are appearing in the sidelines
standing tall and statuesque
Knowing that is is only a matter of a
string of sunny days
Buds will appear
I welcome the coming
the bright green freshness of Spring

The Professional Nag

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I joke around alot about being a “professional nag”.
I’ve decided to bring my nag out of the closet and share ideas or inspirations here.
If you need help with getting motivated I am the gal to contact.

I am all about GTD. Been reading books about organizing “anything” since I was a little girl.
It started with Woman’s Day and Family Circle articles.
Watch for these posts! Inspire me to inspire you!

It’s a Good Day!

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Sun is shining
Frigid Cold
Bank Account is half full
Favorite Coffee Shop is reopening
Midterms are over
I am still alive to tell the story
Reminded of who I am
Love my friends
Writing, Food, Textiles
Everyday a little something
to Restore my self
Very Inspired Times
Within all this incredible energy
I honor the sadness within
The missing parts
The ones that never connected
Or maybe only briefly
The memories fading
As new adventures take over
Let go
I breathe in
I breathe out

A Great Decluttering Idea

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My browser homepage is Wikipedia. There are always fun facts listed to inspire me to write or think about. I am aware that I need to remember the truth of what I read with a grain of salt but that is good to practise no matter what you hear or read. Thank you Marshall McLuhan.

I came across this image that immediately inspired me as I love things like “treasure jars” and “treasure boxes” and shadow box art. I also love totem poles so this image really inspired me.

If I had a yard of my own to place one in I would. I will one day make one and a totem pole too! I have lots of treasures that need a place to go. For now I plan to create small versions with the many trinkets I have.

For those of you with a yard and extra stuff around the house I say GO FOR IT!

Embarrassed and I’m Okay with it

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Next week I have midterms for three classes. My lovely brain is busy wrapping itself around memorizing vocabulary and what formulas to use when and why. Supply and Demand charts are in my dreams. Probability Distributions, oh my! Save me!
It is all emcompassing.
I did make a homemade ice cake. It was very tasty. I used B&J’s Cherry Garcia and Chocolate Cookie Dough and the Marzipan and Almond flavors with Anne’s Wacky Cake.

I am loving the Spring weather tease. Here in Vermont one never knows when the next snowfall will come. However when March comes around all I think is how lovely is the Sugar Snow.
Dreams of fresh maple syrup. Memories of my teeth getting stuck together at a sugar-in-the -snow party. Yes good times!
I have been writing everyday but not posting here.
Like The Terminator said “I’ll be back”.

What are you up to today?

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This month is going very fast for me. I am so busy with my classes I fear I have bored everyone I come into contact with it’s all I talk about.  I am so focused on my work I shock even myself.  If you knew me, which some of you do better than others, you’d know that when I put my mind to do something I do it!  It is exhilarating and exhausting.

My History  of Homosexuality class has me reading various translations of the Bible which is preparing me for discussions the class has. Very thought provoking to say the least.

Statistics class has me seeing relative frequencies er, that I can relate to.

Macroeconomics has me drawing supply and demand charts in my dreams.

You get the picture?

At the same time that I am receiving all this new input form school I am incredibly inspired to create. One goal is to find a situation that enables me to do that and make some money to more than survive. I tend to hem and haw way too much so a few weeks ago I decided to stop and do, even if in my mind it isn’t perfect.

I boiled my talents down to Words, Textiles, and Food and created a much needed business card to share as I am asked fairly often about my contact info or blog link. I used Vista for less than $6.00 I now have 250 cards to distribute.   Even though I used one of their templates I am pleased enough with the outcome and the price was definitely right. Cool Beans!

One step at a time. If I build it they will come.  Or progress not perfection. Whatever works!

As you must know by now I love hearing news from you. Drop me a comment that I can read in between my studying.

As ever,