Red Flannel Hash

It’s nearing the season for this miracle concoction –onions, garlic, potatoes, sweet potatoes, and ever-loving beets. Besides being very tasty, it is one of the most beautiful dishes that can be made in big batches. The flavors blend and keep tasting better each day.

Think Potato Hash Browns – The difference comes now, which is actually the first step. Par boil potatoes and sweet potatoes for about 15 minutes once the water boils. Cool a bit then cube to size desired. I leave the peels on the potatoes, but peel the sweet potatoes. (When I roast sweet potatoes I leave them on. Go figure.)

Fry Onions (and Garlic if you like). Add whatever seasonings like sage, salt, pepper, paprika (especially since Hungary has such yummy ones!) Really spice to your taste -thyme, basil, oregano, cayenne—any spice you like works.

Add par boiled potatoes/sweet potatoes to onion mixture in pan that are now translucent and smelling mouthwateringly good. Cut up the raw beets (skins removed), cube and add last. In about twenty minutes the concoction is ready to serve with breakfast, brunch, or dinner if you like. Last night’s version was great and today they will taste even better. Like chili the flavors have had a chance to blend.

In terms of ratio of potatoes to beets it is really up to the cook and what one has on-hand.

Have fun and let me know how they come out and of course ask questions as that is how one builds confidence. Honestly if it tastes good then all is well, right?


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