Embarrassed and I’m Okay with it

Next week I have midterms for three classes. My lovely brain is busy wrapping itself around memorizing vocabulary and what formulas to use when and why. Supply and Demand charts are in my dreams. Probability Distributions, oh my! Save me!
It is all emcompassing.
I did make a homemade ice cake. It was very tasty. I used B&J’s Cherry Garcia and Chocolate Cookie Dough and the Marzipan and Almond flavors with Anne’s Wacky Cake.

I am loving the Spring weather tease. Here in Vermont one never knows when the next snowfall will come. However when March comes around all I think is how lovely is the Sugar Snow.
Dreams of fresh maple syrup. Memories of my teeth getting stuck together at a sugar-in-the -snow party. Yes good times!
I have been writing everyday but not posting here.
Like The Terminator said “I’ll be back”.


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