What are you up to today?

Happy New Year!
It still counts even if it is the end of January!

I have read so many people’s resolutions for this New Year that I am a bit overwhelmed as all of them are so inspiring.

Since I have so many interests (the good and the bad of that) I have created daily and weekly routine lists to remind me. It’s really helpful. I work on things little by little at fifteen minute increments at least. Once I get started I usually take off. It’s the remembering to get started that I forget way too often.

I do a lot everyday but when I compare myself to others I feel like I haven’t accomplished a thing. Don’t worry I only use this as a motivational tool. Comparing myself to anyone is a lose-lose if I take it seriously. Everyone is doing just fine, all is perfect.

Tomorrow my new classes begin. I am excited and nervous. I am taking Statistics, Macroeconomics, and History of Homosexuality in the Western Civilization.  I am looking forward to diving in. More ginkgo please!

Another thing I am focusing on is creating a stockpile of things I make: potholders, wallhangings, dolls, toys, quilts, pillows, wine bags to name a few.

I may add cookies to that list.

Seems like regular work hasn’t found me yet so I am taking the bull by its horns. If I build it, they will come.  Online store to follow.

So since Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, what plans are in store for you? Send a few words my way. I love hearing from you and it keeps me boosted  through these Winter months.

As ever,



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