Adventures in Stitching

I didn’t end up attending the pastry demo instead I stayed home and worked on the final exam that is due next Tuesday. I am looking forward to a shift in my studies. I am still not taking all the courses I would like to however I am taking courses that I need to meet degree requirements. All is as it needs to be. I am most excited about next semester as I am taking Nutrition, History of Homosexuality in the Western Civilization, and Statistics. Should prove to be an interesting semester. I imagine I will be inspired to write some good essays. I plan to submit whatever I do write to the appropriate publications. Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

This morning I met up with my best pals to stitch n bitch. It only took us ten years to do it, but what the heck. It was nice to be working on my commissioned quilt for KES and have folks to talk with and music to listen to as we compared notes. One was working on a hat that I thought looked like a section of a sweater for a youngster. The other was creating a scrubbie with “plarn”. She is obsessed with her new love “plarn”. Today she showed me how to create it from plastic bags. Very simple, very good reuse of recyclables. I am now a proud owner and guinea pig to her latest creation “the plarn scrubbie”. One side regular soft cotton yarn, the other side plarn which is a combo of plastic bag yarn and regular cotton yarn. Washing dishes will never be the same! I am honored.
When I finished tying my quilt I decided to play with my DPJ blocks in hopes to decide on a layout pattern. More on that project some other time.
After my session of stitch n bitch I met up with a young woman who asked me to create some things out of her favorite baby clothes of her first born daughter. Sweet family. I am inspired and excited though I will need to curb that until finals are over. I think.


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