Monday I have Saturday on my mind

Throughout my life I have serendipitous moments

Most recent one is hearing Gisene Bullock-Prado pitch her new book Confections of a Closet Master Baker on VPR. I never heard of her.  Had she not mentioned her signature pastry I may have missed finding this gem of a book as well as a new friend of kindred spirit. She is living one of my dreams. I feel like I know her.

Again this is something that happens often for me.

Needless to say I immediately went to the local bookstore and purchased it. Well, that isn’t completely true my partner was  visiting me from Boston that day. As soon as he drove in  I exclaimed that I had the perfect present he could buy me, like right now. He listens well. We were off to the bookstore. I spotted an elephant puppet that I fell in love with as we were standing in line waiting to pay for the book. Needless to say “she” came home with me. Gisene now lives amongst my other stuffed animals.

I finished the book yesterday and felt pumped yet lost and lonely as my coffee clutch with my new friend ended. What was I to do?

Luckily I am an avid tweeter and discovered that there is a book tour going on. I missed a few but luckily there is one two hours away this Saturday.

I am going as I want to buy a copy of the book for a friend and ask for a signature to keep my vision going. I see at this one that there will be a demonstration so that is an extra bonus.

Crazy? Not in my eyes.


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