After a race it’s hard to slow down and why should I?

November was my month to dedicate to writing like a mad woman. Mad as in “out of sane”. Course in my mind what is that anyway? The points between sane and insane are just matters of opinion if you ask me.

After I came in over the finish line of fifty thousand words I literally felt like I had been running. It was time to cool down. I’ve had a day to reflect on meeting my goal. All I can say is it felt GREAT to see WINNER pop up on my word count bar. It’s the color purple besides everything so I am one happy camper. I am surprised how much energy it gave me. There is something behind validation that of late has been very important to me.

Last year when I was laid off from my beloved job in a culinary school that was my home away from home I noticed an underlying anger. The feeling of “not good enough” was sitting on my shoulder in spite of the stressed fact by the president that it had nothing to do with “me” it was all about finances. I walked out from the private office thinking “Hell yeah, of course it had nothing to do with me knowing that I was one of the best at what I did”. As I drove away along the icy roads towards home the hell yeah turned into WTF? Again, I am laid off?

The next day I went to VSAC and applied for a grant after having a conversation with the folks at VDOL. I made my goal.  I enrolled in the local community college and am taking classes towards my goal of reaching a Bachelor’s Degree. It’s been interesting learning the ropes of what it means to be in college. I have enjoyed the classes so far. Next Fall I will be working completely on courses towards completing my degree. I still haven’t completely decided which major I will choose. I was advised to just pick one and change it if I need to. At first I chose Business as it seems the most practical however I am leaning toward Professional Studies so that the credits I have can be applied. It will evolve as I do. I am done worrying about it.


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