What are you doing today?


I am excited to say that there are only four weeks of classes left for this semester. I have been blessed with time to concentrate on them and know that I need to buckle down and get real to make my living situation work. (a.k.a. make money to survive).

I have been revisiting my old interests that have been on the back burner for way too long. I want them back into my life on a more regular basis and one way of doing that is talking about it. The other is checking out blogs done by people who are like minded. Yesterday I was reading my favorite blog for many years now, she always posts things of interest to me. Her interests and life are either things I have done or things I want to do more of. Anyway when I watched this video of a collage artist Janice Lowry, my breath was taken away. She lived one of my dreams. I have examples of shadow boxes that I loved making. I’ve diaries and journals since I was seven years old. I am inspired to work with more visuals. I would love to see this collection some day. I liked that she had a studio. I put that on the top of my list of things I need to bring light to my creative world. A studio of my own. I don’t think this should be a privilege though in this day and age it seems like it is. I humbly ask the universe to provide for me as I really want to prove to myself that I am more than I am. A studio and a good kitchen and a place to hang my hat. Help me focus on this idea if you don’t mind. Add a dog, a vineyard, and a good business partner and I think I am set for awhile.

Here’s is the blog site am referring to. http://www.pintangle.com/journal/2009/11/13/janice-lowry.html

I am pleased she existed. I intend to discover more about her just as I did when I revisiting Julia Child a few years ago. That adventure led me to so many more interesting people. I suspect after more investigating that Janice Lowry’s lifestyle will do much the same in terms of information and inspiration. I do not lack inspiration, I do lack discipline and motivation to jump into things I like doing. Discovering my block is where I am at now. I intend to start my blog up again and will let you know when that comes to life.

Looking forward to honoring my mom with a great gobble gobble Thanksgiving meal. Would love to hear your favorite dish or recipe or experience just because. Know that you are welcome to drop by if you are in the neighborhood.

As ever,

I am participating in NaNoWriMo again this year. Goal is to write 50K. It’s great fun and incentive to focus on one theme for a novel. I decided to add a little more to my own donation this year by asking people to sponsor me in fundraising for this great program. Here’s the link – Just click on “Sponsor me” to donate to NaNoWriMo’s writing program — http://www.gifttool.com/athon/MyFundraisingPage?ID=1891&AID=777&PID=104672


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