if i added up the hours


constantly switching and flipping and changing
that’s what life is about
hello – goodbye – hello
new beginnings take energy
once i am into it i forget how much i have given
when i pause for whatever reason i find a space
in my heart where i am elatedly tired
and needing rest to sort things out
once agin i am in the place of finding new work
new ways to make money
after so many years of hard work
i am ready to be rich
bring it on
i see life going by
things being done that are considered new
that i did when i was 4-5-6 years old
not that people can’t enjoy life
i just am struck by the fact that their process
or inspiration didn’t come from my website (current media)
like i saw this on WWKD or whatever
i have been doing crafts and making things for nothing
am i resentful? no. just annoyed with myself for getting distracted
over and over and over again
music, quilts, sewing, relationships, writing, knitting, photography
movies, books, art, cooking, just reading recipes probably occupied
a good solid two or three years of my life if i added up the hours

if i added up the hours

i like that ending
i breathe in
i breathe out
as ever,


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