two sticks

a short interlude of a memory of James unedited

I woke up this morning and started laughing
after pondering a morning walk and due to my knee hurting from
a fall I took last week I thought
“Hey! I can use my walking stick!”
I purchased a walking stick probably 20 or more years ago when
we moved to Vermont. I loved mine so much I never used it
my mind wandered to the stick next to my walking stick
which even though I don’t have the car I used it for anymore
I couldn’t part with it.

I am glad now that I didn’t, move after move I would assess my *stuff*
and those two sticks were always keepers.
So the story is…which I am sure you are dying to hear…tee hee
When I first met James I was driving my fave green Volvo station wagon.
One day the *hatch back* lock went kaputt so I figured out various
ways of keeping it open when I would take groceries out etc.
One day James noticed me struggling with the bags and the door
and took it upon himself to devise a mend.
I didn’t take much notice as with three young children
there was less time for stuff like that.

Anyway I can’t remember if it was my birthday or a “just because” day
James presented me with a stick with ribbons all over it
I took one look at it and thought “what the f**k is it?” but didn’t say anything
No words just looked into each other’s eyes and knew
I walked directly to my car and said okay how does it work?
It was the most thoughtful and exciting gift I ever received
Of course this stick got used often and was most appreciated every day!
The writing on the stick is very faint…I need to go look at it later to see
what remains..the ribbons of course are gone.


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