this is my vessel?

i am have grumpy the past million years
not liking lately how my life is going
praying for connection to my north star
when in pops this dark lord a joker tasteless one
at that with just enough innocence to give me hope
that there is a promise in this person
i realized today that this person is my AHA! and i need to
find the place of gratitude
so i say to my friend “this is my vessel?””
we laugh a hearty laugh as i wonder if
she really gets it
somehow i am reaching new energies
in finding a friend who loves to play with
all these programs even more than i do
even seem to get paid for it – imagine!

this moment as i write my first post in many moons
i do believe
i do imagine
i see my north star
keep coming
it works, if you work it


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