visually inspired

each day actually each moment i feel as though i am seeing life for the first time
i don’t like the way this types out so i have been uninspired to post
and unfortunately i haven’t made time to figure it outi like to work with people with i have questions
i poked around the site in hopes to find answers and i end up
with questions instead
alas last night i started a visual journal even though i have been writing or journaling most of my life i am just starting to do some things that inspire me more than words, though i will always treasure the madding images is a challenge for mei really enjoyed the process of cutting out a bunch of words and images from magazines trying very hard not to get into reading interesting articles…too often anyway.i had a blast and the result was quite a good start. i plan to add more and will show an image once i figure that out with’s to life! 


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