take it further challenge

dmc-january.jpgi am participating in a challenge on one of my favorite blogs by sharonb of australia called http://inaminuteago.wordpress.com called take it further challenge. we are given two ideas. one is a theme, the other is a color scheme. i haven’t decided on one or the other yet as i am still pondering. i like color challenges especially when they are ones i wouldn’t usually pick. the theme is regarding “admiration”. i am choosing to keep it open ended…at least at this point. the challenge for me is to share my process. i have been pretty quiet in the sharing creativity with others world. what i admire and am inspired by is watching sharon’s process that she gives out so freely. the funny thing for me is i used to be that way except the medium was different. i actually think i will have a grand time sharing my process and thoughts and inspirations once i get through all the technical stuff. i feel a bit like a dinosaur emerging from under my piles and years of collecting from fabrics to ideas to UFOs. i don’t have many WISPs. so my current intend is to post my findings of UFOs as i go through my stash and post pix the i will have WISPs! sounds like a step to me! i decided to post this to get started as i tend to ponder a little too much and frankly i want to shine a little from within and with out : ) i need help posting images i want to take pix but don’t understand how to upload them yet. progress not perfection i breathe in i breathe out courage! 


One Response to “take it further challenge”

  1. I’m new too to this posting on the Web business. But I’m so glad I’ve found someone else in this challenge who is trying to use up what she’s got on hand and finish projects. It’s a goal of mine, too, if I can work a UFO into a finished state and still comply with the challenge’s parameters. I look forward to reading about your progress.

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