Friday 5:30am

Mama I don’t feel well still
Seems pretty simple
In a perfect world
No stress
Sure son stay home
the teachers and staff who know you so well
will excuse you and help you through this troubled time
I am angry this morning
I intended to go to a w/s and now I feel
all twisted inside
Torn between life and life
I have plenty to DO here
can I find the place of feeding my soul within
Grumpy grumpy grumpy am I
I am staying home as in my heart I don’t feel I can be so far away from
my son and home
Is this new or old?
I am in a fog at the moment.
In a fog about making the “right” decisions

Sometimes life is confusing
like right now
I am confused
I am hoping by writing I will find some clarity

No one can save” me but me
No one is more my enemy than I

What is tying me to all these feelings?
I feel I should be able to make a decision and feel confident
I mean that is what I want to feel

courage oh kate

this isn’t so big that you can’t pass through to
the other side
however it feeeeels big

: )


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